When migrating to the cloud, there are a number of strategies to consider when assessing your portfolio of applications.  For each application, you will need to decide what approach to use for migrating to the cloud. There are a number of “R” models published by Microsoft and Gartner but in this article, we share the Valorem model. 

Definition of 5 “R”s
Let's use SQL Server on premise as an example. 
1. Retire - The application is end of life and will be decommissioned. 

  • SQL example: Backup the database, put the backup on cold storage and set data retention to your corporate data retention policy. 

2. Replace - The application, as currently designed, will be replaced with a SaaS or COTS (Commercial off the shelf) solution.

  • SQL example: You have a custom HR SQL resume repository and migrate the data to a SaaS service like PayPro Workforce Management. 

3. Refactor -Also called Redesign, Rearchitect, Rebuild. This is where you make code changes to leverage native cloud technology. 

  • SQL example: Move your SQL Server data to a more cloud native solution like Azure SQL or Cosmos DB.
  • For a whole application, you might move your presentation tier to web apps, your service tier to logic apps and refactor some functions into azure functions.
  • If you have an internet scale application, then solutions like Service Fabric or Kubernetes may be appropriate. 

4. Right-size - Also called Rehost, this is where you move it to the cloud appropriate scale, targeting steady run state vs peak 

  • For SQL Server you can scale up and down the VM, for Azure SQL you can scale out as well including auto-scale
  • Note: Rehost has the connotation that you are not considering resizing down from peak

5. Remain -– Not always listed as an R (4 vs 5 Rs), but in the case where you are not pushing to stop using on premise 

  • Remain is an option for solutions that are on archaic environments which you wish to sustain or need as an archive vs move

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