Ignite 2017, brought over 20,000 Microsoft users and enthusiasts to Orlando, FL for a week of networking with technicians from around the world, engineers that build the products we use every day, and Microsoft partners to learn where tech is headed. This annual event began in 2014 and has grown in popularity to become one of the largest tech education conferences in the world. This year Microsoft upped the intensity on learning opportunities for IT professionals at Ignite with an entire floor of the Hyatt Regency Hotel transformed into the first ever “Immersion Zone” for hands-on sessions with the latest cloud, immersive and business productivity tools in the industry. The Immersion Zone included:

  • Azure Hands-On Labs: 240 stations with 12 or more subject matter experts proctoring sessions on networking, machine learning, highly available virtual machines, office 365, and more.
  • Learning Essentials Stations: IT professionals interested in becoming Azure and Office 365 certified could receive a guided learning path to Azure and Office 365 training and certification.
  • Customer Immersion Experiences (CIEs): Intimate workshops in which attendees were given day-to-day business scenarios and led by subject matter experts in using Azure and Dynamics 365 tools in a live environment to overcome real-world challenges, increase efficiency, strengthen security and grow their organizations.

The CIE Difference


What makes these CIEs unique is that they make it possible for business leaders and IT professionals considering cloud migration to visualize exactly how Microsoft’s business productivity tools would impact their organization before investing in new technology. Unlike a traditional product demonstration, CIEs are fully immersive experiences in which participants work on individual surface devices in a collective live environment to overcome real-world challenges. The Customer Immersion Experience is the second step in Microsoft’s Business Value Program, designed to give customers a custom test drive of cloud technology that transforms the workplace.


Next Steps


For those interested in a deeper dive into the Microsoft environment in a personalized setting, Valorem offers private Customer Immersion Experiences for the Microsoft Technology Stack. These workshops are ideal for both those considering a move to the cloud and those who are already in the cloud and want to uplevel their skills or reignite stalled technology roadmaps. If you’d like to see a glimpse of your organization as a digitally transformed, mobile-first, cloud-first business, email marketing@valorem.com for more information.