Meta recently announced that they will be shutting down Workplace completely by June 1, 2026, and that it will only be accessible to read and download existing data starting September 1, 2025. Learn how Valorem Reply can help you seamlessly transition from Workplace to Viva Engage, a modern employee engagement platform that integrates with Microsoft 365.

What is Viva Engage and Why Should You Migrate to It?

Viva Engage is an employee engagement platform that is part of Microsoft Viva, a suite of applications that enhance the employee experience in Microsoft 365. Viva Engage allows you to create, manage, and measure the impact of your internal communications, such as newsletters, announcements, polls, and surveys.

• Leverage your existing Microsoft 365 investment and infrastructure and avoid paying for another subscription.

• Streamline your communication workflows and reduce the need for multiple tools and platforms.

• Improve your employee engagement and productivity by delivering timely and targeted content that aligns with your organizational goals and values.

• Measure the effectiveness of your communication campaigns and gain insights into your employee sentiment and feedback.

• Ensure the security and compliance of your data and content, as Viva Engage follows the same standards and policies as Microsoft 365.

How Can Valorem Reply Help You Migrate to Viva Engage?

As a Microsoft Modern Work Solutions Partner and a leader in Viva adoption and migration, Valorem Reply has been using our migration tool to move organizations to Viva Engage for the last 5 years. We recognize that setting a client’s Viva Engage estate in order is only half the battle. We want Viva Engage to thrive. That’s why adoption and change management is at the heart of our process. Our migration process consists of five phases:

1. Planning: We work with you to understand your current environment, your goals and requirements for Viva Engage, and your timeline and budget. We help you define the scope and criteria for the migration, such as which groups, posts, comments, and attachments to migrate, and which ones to archive or delete.

2. Tool Deployment: We deploy our migration tool to your Azure environment, which ensures that your data never leaves your own tenant and complies with the security and privacy standards of Microsoft 365.

3. Communications: We design and implement a communication strategy to inform and engage your employees about the migration and the benefits of Viva Engage. We create and deliver messages, announcements, FAQs, and guides to prepare your users for the change and address any questions or concerns they may have.

4. Migration: We execute the migration process using our tool, which transfers your content to Viva Engage while preserving the ownership, metadata, and structure of your data.

5. Change and Training: We provide ongoing support and training to help your users adopt and embrace Viva Engage as their new communication and collaboration platform.

If you are interested in learning more about how Valorem Reply can help you migrate to Viva Engage, ask about our Viva Engage Migration Accelerator. We would love to hear from you and help you achieve your communication goals.