Microsoft Teams enables users to come together, within a trusted environment, to communicate and collaborate in a natural and purposeful way. Domnick Parretta, Managing Partner and featured guest at the Wednesday launch said, “Microsoft is enabling our teams to take the vision and ideas that were never possible and make them a reality. That’s incredible!” With the addition of Microsoft Teams, Valorem is now able to extend our Office 365 Cloud offerings.


As a beta site for Microsoft Teams, Valorem took the role of Contributor seriously by immediately adopting Teams as an integral part of internal communications and project delivery. “Having early access to Teams and using it internally puts us in a great position. As a group that helps clients deploy and adopt productivity solutions, this is a refreshing product. Integrated, collaborative and intuitive – we are already incorporating the power of Teams into our Adoption and Change Management offerings,” said Steve Cummings, Director of Cloud Platforms at Valorem. 


Kelsey Marske, Valorem PMO Manager, was a key player on this project, "Most organizations live or die by their communications. With Teams, you can collaborate in one place – and it is all visible, all trackable, all searchable." She also points out that Teams has a feature in the threaded chats allowing creation of memes, use of emojis and GIFs - providing an element of fun because “we all need a little levity at our jobs.”


Valorem is recognized as an award-winning and trusted Microsoft Partner serving customers worldwide. As a leader in digital innovation, we transform businesses and deliver impact through honest commitment to our customers.


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