“Oh what a night, hypnotizin' mesmerizing me, (It) was ev'rything I dreamed (it)'d be… Sweet surrender, what a night…” Ok, so I may have taken some liberties with the song made famous by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, which was written in 1963, but wow, it was a night!

I am referring to one of the biggest and most successful events in Valorem’s history, Mix 2017, held last Wednesday night from 8pm until every bit of midnight. This private party, hosted by Valorem and iHeartRadio and sponsored by Stackify, for Microsoft’s Developer Conference Build attendees, Valorem’s partners, and clients, took place at the Living Computer Museum + Labs, in Seattle’s famed SoDo District.

Mix2017 was a huge success!

A mix of music provided by iHeartRadio ’s very own DJ and Valorem’s high-tech approach to party fun and immersive experience through HoloLens, drew partygoers to the dance floor for an experience they had likely never had before or will again for some time. Party attendees were treated to bespoke drinks at the bar and an eclectic mix of party bites which included goat cheese cakes, bacon caramel popcorn, strawberry rhubarb pie on a stick, homemade Oreos and more!

Guests enjoyed Valorem's HoloLens experience


Approximately 270 guests came in and out of the venue, with party dwellers still coming in the door as late as 11:40 p.m., and enjoying the event until the very last minute. Everyone had a good time, and expectations have been set. My favorite question of the night was “You guys are doing this again next year, right?”