As organizations across industries prepare for unpredictable and unexpected economic changes, one thing is constant – it’s more important than ever to get the most value for your money. To help organizations navigate what is possible with the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, Modern Work at Valorem Reply is excited to bring back our famous Fall in Love event, encouraging clients to “Do More with Less.”

But what exactly does that mean? As a Microsoft consultancy, we believe that the tools and technology available within Microsoft 365 are powerful enough to transform an organization’s digital workplace. Your M365 license holds the key to collaboration, and there’s more to it than you may even realize.

What is Fall in Love?
As a Microsoft-first consultancy, we love what the M365 ecosystem can do for your organization, and we want you to fall in love, too! That’s why we created our annual Fall in Love series. Each year, we highlight how your Microsoft license can streamline your business practices and increase collaboration, connection, and communication. This year, we are thrilled to highlight how you can do more with less, or how you can leverage the licenses your organization already has to accomplish more than you thought possible.

You may already be familiar with how Microsoft Teams can revolutionize modern work, but we are thrilled to show you how to do even more with your employee experience, productivity, and collaboration efforts with Microsoft 365 and Viva.

Collaborative Apps
To encourage doing more with less, Microsoft offers a stack of technology for collaborative apps. These apps are solutions for your organization that can be used directly within Microsoft Teams. Whether you’re leveraging low-code solutions with Power Apps or extending upon existing applications, collaborative apps help you use your Microsoft license to accomplish more and build new employee experiences.

When an employee has to toggle between too many applications and websites, the time spent ping-ponging between systems can lead directly to time and money lost. If the way your employees are working is a distraction in itself, it’s time to consider how the right collaborative apps can help you do more with less.


After a national corporation went hybrid in 2020, they felt the effects of working at a distance but didn’t want to force employees to come into an office if they weren’t comfortable. They sought a solution that allowed employees to come together and collaborate in person, even if that meant meeting outside of the office.

Valorem Reply was able to take the code stack developed by Microsoft and transform it into a custom collaborative app called Converge. Interested in how Converge brings employees together? Register for Fall in Love here.


Doing More with Viva
One of the easiest ways to do more with less is to leverage Microsoft Viva, the employee experience platform. Viva brings a suite of tools directly into Microsoft Teams to support SharePoint Online, OKRs and goals, learning, well-being, and much more. Employees can access all of the tools and resources they need where they are already working and collaborating.

As a Premium suite, Viva consists of seven modules to support connection, growth, insight, and purpose within your organization, but did you know that there are four modules that are already accessible within your Microsoft 365 enterprise plan? At Fall in Love, we will go over how Viva Connections, Viva Engage, Viva Insights, and Viva Learning can transform the employee experience, from frontline workers to office-based employees.

Ready to Fall in Love?
Register today to attend Valorem Reply’s Fall in Love event to hear exciting updates from the Microsoft product team and learn how to do more with less. Our expert panel of consultants and organizational representatives will reveal how they leverage Microsoft 365 to revolutionize their employee experience. Click here to register.