Rene: Hi! Welcome to QuBites, your bite-sized pieces of quantum computing. My name is Rene from Valorem Reply and today we're going to recap season one.


So in season one: First we introduced the quantum computing basics. We talked about what a qubit is and we also talked about all the other quantum mechanical principles that you should know in order to learn all about our main focus of the show - what is the quantum computing impact we already see today? And for this, we had a bunch of great guests that helped us cover all the key areas of quantum computing.

For example, we talked about quantum-inspired computing [with Data Reply Partner and Quantum Ph.D., Marco Magagnini,] and we learned what packing a dishwasher has in common with a generic optimization problem. [Also] we learned how applying quantum-inspired optimization is already providing huge cost savings for our clients. [They] are seeing huge returns on investments already with [quantum-inspired] algorithms, like QUBO, that apply quantum computing principles but can run on classical hardware on classical computers and are still outpacing classical-optimization algorithms. Which is incredible right? Just think, in a few years when we have enough qubits, when we have quantum supremacy, we can take these algorithms, these quantum-inspired algorithms and can apply them directly in quantum computers and it will be even faster than you can imagine!

We also talked about quantum machine learning [with Machine Learning Reply Data Scientist and Quantum Gravity Ph.D. Johannes Oberreuter] and this exciting topic of quantum computing. For example, we learned how certain machine learning algorithms are not just faster when applied with quantum computing but are also providing a greater accuracy. Which is incredible if you think about it, that we don't just get it faster but also more precise, wow!


We also talked about quantum security [with Spike Reply security expert Lea Jäntgen] and the potential threats it [imposes on] classic encryption and cryptography. When we have quantum supremacy, all these [encryption] keys [we use now] will be crackable, right? So [we discussed] what are some of the things you can do to mitigate for those [risks]. But we also learned [from Lea] how quantum security is [alternatively] providing a great benefit for security [by] providing a very secure channel for key transfers. And [we learned] large organizations and even governments are already installing these kind of quantum-secure channels where you can send [encryption] keys in such a way that it cannot attacked by a man in the middle attack. Because if you read out the value in between [the sender and receiver with quantum security] you will change the state and then the receiver will know that the key changed. So interesting stuff for sure with security implications but also the potential for better security in fact.


We also learned about Azure Quantum [with Microsoft Program Manager, Fabrice Frachon] and quantum as a service (QaaS) [with Quantum Ph.D. and Community Advocate, Sarah Kaiser] and all the benefits it is providing to us [through] cloud service. [Using] quantum-inspired optimizations but also real hardware that you can basically rent computing hours on. We also learned all the things you need to keep in mind to prepare your data for quantum computing [from] an executive perspective [with Valorem’s resident data expert, Andrew Fletcher].


Well, we're already planning season 2 for a QuBites and so we want to hear from you! We want to hear your feedback, the good and the bad ones of course. And even more so the topics you have in mind for future episodes. So please reach out! Send us a mail or reach out in social media, whatever you prefer. Let us know what kind of topics or ideas we should cover in the next episodes and also, of course, if you have a guest in mind or if you want to be a guest on the show. Please reach out, we would love to cover all of those in season 2!


Well, recording season one was a big pleasure for me, you know hosting all the guests and having some really insightful conversations. I hope you also enjoyed the show as much as I did! Thank you so much for joining us for season one of QuBites, your bite-sized pieces of quantum computing. Please watch our blog [and] follow our social media channels to hear all about the next episodes and season 2 once we launch it. Well, thank you so much! Stay safe, see you soon, bye bye!