Quantum Computing (QC) is an emerging technology and increasingly popular topic among leaders preparing for business of the future. It was on our 2020 list of tech trends to watch and no doubt will continue to grow in the new year. Quantum Computing technology promises fast solutions to problems we face today with un-precedented precision and effectiveness. Even though Quantum Computers are not widely available, in this series we’ll show you how you can begin using Quantum-Inspired Optimization to improve operations and solve challenging business questions today, even on classic hardware.

In our first season of QuBites, myself and subject matter experts across the Reply network and Microsoft QC Community will cover a broad range of Quantum Computing topics including:

  • Quantum Computing Basics
  • What is Quantum-Inspired Optimization?
  • The Impact of Quantum Computing Today
  • Azure Quantum Overview
  • What is Quantum Machine Learning?
  • Preparing Your Data for Quantum Computing
  • Quantum Computing and Security Considerations
  • What is Quantum Security?
  • An Executive Perspective of Quantum Computing

Check out my previous blog post for an introduction to the technology, outline of what is currently possible, and highlights of real-world, QC-inspired solutions that are already creating significant business value for our clients today. Then be sure to follow along on our social channels and blog for a new episode each week for an in-depth look at Quantum Computing.

As with any of our series, we encourage audience suggestions for additional topics and guests of interest. Just leave us a comment on social or send to our Marketing Team directly and we’ll be sure to add your requests to the agenda!

Valorem and the global Reply network are here to help with our experienced teams already providing real ROI with Quantum Computing for our clients. If you have an optimization and Quantum Computing project in mind, we would love to hear about it! Reach out to us as marketing@valorem.com to schedule time with one of our industry experts.