Tower Blocks is the first HoloLens Multiplayer app in the Windows Store. Another innovation brought to you by Valorem. You can download Tower Blocks from the Windows Store for HoloLens here. Watch a video about this release here.


In order to play a session of Tower Blocks multiplayer, the hosting user selects Multiplayer > Start. The other players just select Multiplayer > Join. The peer-to-peer connection will be established automatically if the participating HoloLens devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and the network allows broadcasts. If the auto-connect fails, the app will allow you to enter the IP address of the hosting player which will be shown in the view of the hosting player.


The Tower Blocks multiplayer mode is another feature that showcases a foundational development for our HoloLens projects. Another recent example is from the initial Tower Blocks release just a few months ago where we demonstrated how well two-handed gestures for natural hologram transformation can work. 


Congratulations on this huge milestone; we overcame many technical challenges - Arun Raj, Justin Savino, Yevgeniy Solomonov and René Schulte.