The game has been selected for the Microsoft store and is available for free download here


The first apps for Microsoft HoloLens showcase the promise of mixed reality and share a purpose to inspire developers. Start creating and interacting with holograms in relation to the world around you.


René Schulte, one of our Microsoft MVPs, explains the genesis of Tower Blocks and how players can sharpen their HoloLens skills:


"It started actually just to experiment with two-handed interactions where we tried out new ways to transform holograms. Players can use HoloLens' hand gestures to grab blocks from the stack and then balance them on top. It's fun! The player picks up a block with one hand and can move it. At the same time, the player is able to use his/her second hand to rotate the block in a natural way. An introductory tutorial will guide the user through the interactions once the experience is launched for the first time. This holographic game experiments with hand interactions allows to use a second hand to create an intuitive way to interact with holograms." 


Kudos to head Developer Justin Savino & our 3-D Artist Christopher Galvanin for their work on Tower Blocks.