Today, Valorem releases HoloFlight, a new app for HoloLens. Go here to watch a demo video of this exciting app for flight visualization. 


René Schulte, our Director of Immersive Experiences, led the team in this groundbreaking design that is sure to garner enthusiasm from the fast-growing population of HoloLens users as well as aviation fans of all levels. The app is available for free download in the Microsoft store


Try HoloFlight and use HoloLens’ groundbreaking technology to visualize real flight data in 3D as holograms.


The user can walk around and explore various parts of the visualized flight space. Simply gaze at airplanes to see detailed flight information or even hear ATC conversations with spatial sound. Different zoom levels of the terrain allow the user to see a broader view but also detailed information for a specific airport, including the control tower’s point of view.


An introductory tutorial will guide the user through the interactions once the experience is launched for the first time. The tutorial can also be opened again at any time by saying "Show Tutorial".