Valorem Reply has been recognized among India's Great Mid-size Workplaces 2022 by the ©Great Place to Work® Institute. This recognition comes after it was listed among India’s top 50 Best Mid-Size Workplaces in 2021 and India’s Best Workplaces in IT & IT-BPM in 2020.

Great Place to Work Institute certifications are awarded to organizations who demonstrate the highest quality employee experience and above average people practices, across the employee life cycle. Through in-depth assessments of employee feedback and company policies and programs, this continued recognition illuminates Valorem’s deep commitment to being an employment destination for the best and brightest.

It's indeed a proud moment for all of us at Valorem Reply for having been recognized as a great place to work for three years in a row. A true celebration of our awesome people and our great workplace culture. Thank you, Team Valorem Reply! At Valorem Reply, we strive hard to build a fun, vibrant, inclusive, and meaningful experience that attracts the brightest minds in technology and business. We know our team is the heart and soul of the company and their skills, talent, growth, and happiness will remain our top Priority.” – Sanjeev Sudheer, VP, Global Delivery & Operations, Valorem Reply.

Learning and development is a priority at Valorem. In fact, when we hire people, we look at those with a passion to learn and we do all that we can to foster that growth mindset. Every employee gets free access to Udemy, which opens up endless learning opportunities.” – Jim Mangaly, Senior Manager, Learning & Development, Valorem Reply.

We provide options to migrate to other family units across the globe through a special and unique program called Skydive. On completion of three years of service with Reply Valorem India, Replyer becomes eligible for the H1B visa processing. We are committed to ensure the wellness of each reply family member by offering free General Medical insurance to the employees and the whole family including parents, in addition to the free accident insurance coverage to the Replyer.” - Mariya Cheeran, Manager, Human Resources, Valorem Reply.

Valorem Reply always stands with its employees. During the pandemic, employee wellbeing and connectivity was one of the prime focuses for us. When Covid was at its peak, our team was also affected. We formed a COVID response team. This team was regularly in touch with employees who were tested positive to check their health and wellbeing and to provide necessary support.” – Leslie Joseph, Manager, Operations, Valorem Reply.