What is the trend?

There are 560,000 new pieces of malware detected each day. Time is of the essence, any time there is ransomware, threat attack, anything like that on a small medium, or large company. Recent bench studies have shown that analysts have increased their performance by 90% time less spent getting to the destination of what actually happened. Microsoft security copilot is a gen AI solution that is very robust, absolutely, is going to work much faster than, not only the analysts that are working on it, but also the bad actors that are trying to enact the negative things, they're trying to do upon your company. It's only in everybody's best interest to invest in the future, that future is now and that is absolutely Microsoft security copilot that sits at front of them.

Why is this trend important?

It's estimated that 40% of large enterprise customers next year will invest in AI. With Microsoft security copilot being a generative AI solution, it lends itself to the ability to investigate and hunt threats in your environment at a much faster rate than a typical analyst would be able to do what would take days or even hours now can take minutes with Microsoft Security copilot. It is a very powerful tool that not only does threat hunting but it works with devices, it works with embedded applications like Entra for an example, and Purview another example. It is a solution that integrates itself completely into your security and compliance environment and absolutely makes your environment that much more secure, that much more compliant and that's something that all of our customers are looking to do next year and beyond.

What is Valorem Reply doing to prepare for this trend?

Within Valorem Reply, the different practices are currently collaborating to put together an offering for our customers to bring them and implement for them this incredible exciting new technology that is going to improve their security, it's going to improve their compliance, it's going to make their analysts happier. It's going to make their security posture much better, and we are very excited for what the 2024 and beyond will bring.