What is the Trend?

So, the trend itself is the implementation of data classification sensitivity labeling along with data utilization and retention policies across the companies- both cloud and on-premise environments.

Why is this Trend important?

Well, data management in the past was important but it really focused on data exposure externally through data loss prevention efforts. Now with the implementation of copilot there needs to be a pivot to an implementation of internal data loss prevention, and that ensures that only appropriate information is exposed or utilized when an internal employee uses copilot and has access to which itself has access to sensitive information such as HR records or company financial data. So, to prevent that, exposure of that information internally you want to be certain that you have your data management explicitly around classification and labeling in place before you implement or turn on copilot.

What is Valorem Reply doing to prepare for this trend?

Well here at Valorem Reply, what we've done is a collaboration effort between us within the security team and our modern workplace team to develop a set of assessments that will identify where exposure exists and assist in developing remediation plans to fix those things before copilot is implemented and actually integrate that into our copilot offerings as well as a standalone offering from the security team to come in and do those assessments for people.