Scott Davis - So, we're seeing a big trend in movement from existing solutions on-prem or sort of first-generation cloud solutions to modern data platforms. Companies realize the value of their data and they realize that their old platform isn't providing it. And there's now a proven set of platforms, whether it's the Databricks Lakehouse platform or the Snowflake platform that have sort of passed that threshold, they know that they work, they know they provide value, and it's really just a competitive advantage for them to move now. So, we're not seeing this huge tidal wave of movement, but we're seeing a slow, consistent progression when companies evaluate usually around renewals and they say this is the right move for us. The modern data platform is definitely a huge trend.

So, I think there's three primary reasons that are driving this. So, the first is there's a cost component to maintaining your existing infrastructure. And if that cost component is not delivering value, you have to assess where you want to spend your costs. The other piece is value. If you're not able to use your existing platform to extract the value you need, you have to reevaluate a new platform where you can get that value. And then lastly, somewhat overlooked is really where you spend your time. If you're going from a system that you have to manage to a managed service, you now have the time and energy for your people to put into more valuable type of work.

So, we've been preparing now for years. We've seen this trend develop over the course of six, seven, eight years, and starting about four years ago, we started putting in place training programs for our internal staff and we started partnering with these, you know, future data platforms that are now current data platforms. So, we've been actually developing and working for years with these platforms and we've built out a reputation for being extremely good at this and it's full end-to-end from just taking data all the way through to reporting, KPIs, data science. So, we've really built a team of experts in this space.

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