Matt Boudro - So organizational transformation through devops and modern operations is a holistic change in the way that the organization builds and consumes the infrastructure and applications that support the business. What these technologies have produced is a way to have your application teams and those that build and manage the infrastructure to become a unified ecosystem, a unified team to be able to support the function of the business. And by leveraging these concepts we can introduce agility, scalability, and reliability into the core and key platforms that support the organization in ways that we have in prior. And additionally when you transition to a modern operations ecosystem or organizational structure your teams are now able to focus on things that drive innovation into the business instead of just supporting the infrastructure and keeping the lights up.

Many of our large Enterprise customers are now adopting the cloud at scale and what they're realizing is the value-add that devops in modern operations can provide are really transformational to the entire operations of their organization. When they're able to introduce concepts that drive reliability, scalability, and innovation within the organization they can now take what is typically seen as a cost center and now transform it into something that is able to drive change and Innovation within the organization. And that is it in complete it should be a transition from the way that applications and it infrastructure has been seen in the past and this is really something that is providing the next evolution of the way that it organizations operate and the way that they serve their customers both internal and external.

We are doing a number of different things to help support this trend. First off we are engaging with a broad range of customers in different verticals and different competencies to help them understand how this transformation can affect them and then building a road map and a strategy for them to adopt it internally. Additionally we are always continuing to grow and build competency and education internally. Our teams are empowered both to grow and build their skill set in these modern concepts but they also have the advantage of working within these customers who are in this transition to be able to understand how they've been successful, what their pain points are, and then we can take that knowledge and bring it back internally to be able to help customers who are earlier in the journey succeed and that I think is an important concept an important value proposition that Valorem Reply in our teams bring to our customers is that knowledge and experience of being there, understanding how other customers have been successful and enabling our other clients to be able to grow off of that knowledge of experience.

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