As organizations are focusing on modernizing their line of business applications, there's a growing focus around increasing the reliability, security, sustainability, and cost effectiveness of their services. And we're seeing the industry really lean into and leverage the benefits that the Microsoft Azure platform has to offer. One area in particular where we're seeing a significant focus from our customers is the capability to build reliable, mission critical applications that are able to scale and sustain themselves during periods of increased workload and heavy demand. In an era where we expect prompt and quick service, it's more important than ever to make sure that our services are elastic and scaling autonomously to keep up with the current demand.

By using the right combination of resources and tools, we are helping our customers achieve their business goals by migrating their on-premise services to the Microsoft Azure cloud, as well as helping them modernize their existing cloud-based services to be secure, resilient, elastic, observable and cost-optimized.

Well, one of our recent customers who was in the financial industry realized they needed to stay ahead of an extremely competitive market and asked us to help them plan for and migrate their legacy systems into Azure.

Protecting user data was priority number one and then we focused on increasing the excellence of our clients’ customer experience.

One way we increased our customer experience was to reduce the time it takes to release code by onboarding a DevOps culture and by creating repeatable patterns of deploying infrastructure using automation tools like Terraform.

Now that we have our infrastructure and ecosystem in Azure and are able to release code quickly and efficiently, our next priority was to increase the reliability and cost effectiveness of our Azure services. So, we put into practice a site reliability engineering team that is focused on service reliability, observability, and cost optimization.

Since the inception of the SRE team, we have seen a significant decrease in unnecessary spend, daily toil, and also increased the reliability and resiliency of our applications in Azure by implementing tools such as modern health checks, automated web app and horizontal scaling, and implementing appropriate SLI tracking and several other options.

Valorem is working directly with a broad range of enterprise customers, ranging from financial services, government institutions, and charitable institutions and several others, and helping them drive the transition from their on-premise infrastructure while also coaching our clients through modernizing their cloud-based services along the way.

We have a large team of highly skilled engineers with a broad range of competencies and certifications, and each person brings unique experience and skill sets to the table.

While we are highly technical, we are also extremely customer focused, and will always listen to and prioritize our clients' needs and goals while also helping to fill the gaps and the vision with the current market trends and best practices.

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