Today marks the first day of Microsoft Ignite 2018, Microsoft’s largest annual user conference that brings thousands of enterprise leaders and IT professionals from around the world together each year to learn more about the latest advancements in the Microsoft technologies they use every day, directly from the experts who build them. This week-long event in Orlando, FL is a great opportunity for technology leaders and practitioners to get hands-on with the latest tools, tech and experiences that are shaping the future of business.

To kick off the event, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and other executive leaders took to the stage to deliver a keynote full of visions for the future of business. Valorem was honored to have our HoloBeam tech showcased live on stage for the Ignite audience to demonstrate the art of what’s possible as the era of AR/VR-enabled productivity and teamwork takes hold.


During Microsoft Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365 Marketing, Ron Markezich’s portion of the keynote presentation, he invited Microsoft Teams Senior Product Marketing Manager, Raanah Amjadi, on stage to give the audience a glimpse into meetings of the "no so distant" future with a live demonstration of Valorem’s HoloBeam in action. For the demo, Raanah and two local Microsoft colleagues, Ashley Asdourian and Matt Akers showcased a live telepresence conference call with remote Microsoft colleague, Vivek Goswami to paint a real-life business scenario.

  • Using the HoloLens device and Valorem’s HoloBeam technology, Ashley initiates a telepresence call with Vivek, who is in another location, to discuss meeting rooms at a smart buildings pilot that showed abnormal occupancy on their Power BI dashboard.
  • A 3D hologram of Vivek comes into view for both Ashely and Vivek within the HoloLens workspace. Raanah and Matt, are able to share the same 3D experience as Ashely and Vivek on a 2D screen.
  • Vivek then opens a 3D CAD model of the building in question and shows motion sensors being triggered throughout the building based on timeline data of a 9-5 day to give the rest of the team a sense of when rooms are being occupied.
  • Matt verifies that the rooms with the unusual occupancy Power BI data are also showing unoccupied by the motion sensors at a specific time each day.
  • Vivek then uses voice commands and hand gestures to surface service request history for those rooms and shows the team that a significant number of complaints have been received about cold temperatures even though the sensor data is normal.
  • Vivek then surmises that the rooms could be receiving more sun in the afternoon and this could be warming the temperature sensors so they are not regulating the room temperature properly.
  • The team agrees this is a feasible explanation and Vivek agrees to look into it further and get back to the rest of the team to confirm.


Valorem’s HoloBeam technology was also showcased live on stage at Microsoft’s largest annual partner conference, Inspire, this year and is already being used in flagship Microsoft stores to help show business leaders the potential impact of immersive technology in the business setting. HoloLens users can download a free tech demo of HoloBeam in the Microsoft store. If you think your organization would be a good fit for a HoloBeam pilot platform license, please contact us at

Valorem, who recently joined the Reply Network of companies, is one of the first Microsoft Mixed Reality (MR) Agency Partners worldwide and a Gold Microsoft Partner with a strong focus on digital products and services that help enterprises transform into modern workplaces.