What is the trend?

Well, this trend is a transformation to move towards both either a password list or at least a multi-factor authentication model instead of a single challenge response model. Now this is important because this transformation reduces the number of threat vectors by shifting identity management solutions to inside the company's control and allows for less chance of interception by doing a continual validation because your identity management is integrated into the environment. It also adds in a secondary control regarding either a biometrical component such as a fingerprint or a facial recognition or an external piece such as a fob or an authenticator on a cellphone.

Why is this trend important?

This is important for our customers because almost 80 to 90% of all initial breaches can be blocked using this type of technology. There's been an exponential or geometric increase of attacks on companies over the past years, it's just increasing year after year. And at least by doing this model, you're moving towards more of a continual validation of who the person is, and what device they're on, instead of just a one-time check to see if they should have access to it, causing their greater security in the environment and it integrates it into the environment reducing the number of actual attack vectors because now the security, your identity access management piece, is under your control in your environment.

What is Valorem Reply doing to prepare for this trend?

Here at Valorem Reply, we're supporting this trend by assisting companies and we're not just setting up these types of processes and functions or just coming in and helping you turn it on but we're also assisting in an analysis of what there is, finding any potential overlooking spots. And we're one of the few full Microsoft Global Partners with expertise in all areas. So we're helping to identify areas that might be missed and or where restrictions may cause productivity issues in regards to what a change in your identity access management brings to the table.