Joseph Hobbs - The trend that I see right now in the business intelligence environment is towards enterprise-grade deployments. So, what I mean by that is Power BI for a long time was part of the Office 365 suite and Microsoft really thought about it like an Excel, or a Word document, or a PowerPoint.

As it has grown in popularity and in functionality, more and more companies are wanting a complete rollout. Right, something that is at the enterprise level that can apply across, you know, a billion-dollar company. So that's definitely a trend that I see in people today.


I think this is an important trend because especially large companies are concerned that using Power BI like a Word document or something or a PowerPoint is going to be hard to govern, hard to manage, and so they're concerned that should they roll this out at a large scale, the tools will not be in place and the procedures and processes won't be in place to manage and control and oversee this sort of thing. The phrase that I hear often is the Wild West, right, that if we do this, is it going to be the Wild West? Is it going to be up to anyone to do whatever they want?

So, there's real concern and I think it's a valid concern from our clients.


So, one of the things we're doing to try and prepare for this and to provide for our clients is make sure that we have kind of an architect-level view of what those rollouts look like, and we can answer the questions around security and mobile devices and how to do continuous improvement and continuous development, how to create file repos and push out code into different environments to create the procedures and the processes and to have demonstrations that we can run. So, we can say if you're thinking about enterprise-grade deployment, here look at this. This is an example of what that could look like and we’re the team to get you there. We're the people who can say, let me guide you every step of the way, we know what to do next so that at the end you've got something really robust.

Valorem Visions Episode 4